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Thread: Brand new push clan just founded!💪

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    Brand new push clan just founded!💪

    Hello heathens I have just recently(like 3 min ago) founded a future top ranked push/casual War, clan looking for you legend players to fill it up and get that rank on the boards!!

    This is a adult usa based clan top priority is pushing that rank!

    Clan games will be a necessary part of being a member of the clan! War will be once or twice a week and optional!

    (1) Donate what's requested!
    (2) Donate and request often!
    (3) If your in war take both attacks!
    (4) Max clan games!
    (5) Th11 & th12 only!
    (6) No rushed bases!
    (7) Adults only!

    Thank you! For your time spent reading this and I hope to see all you legends asap! Clash on!


    See you soon!💪👍
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    Daily bump!

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