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Thread: TheWiseCowboys lvl 3 war clan recruiting

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    TheWiseCowboys lvl 4 war clan recruiting for cwl #29PCQGUV0

    TheWiseCowboys New Lvl 4 war clan recruiting🔺Th7+🔶Recruiting for clan war league

    Who we are🔍?

    ✏️A new English speaking war clan which wars every 2 days.
    🖋️We also take part in clan games and cwl
    🎗️We also sometimes trophy push and do in game base challenges

    What are our rules📗?

    🔴Must not beg for promotion
    🔵 Don't be rude in chat
    ⚪Be a Team Player
    🔴Must send regular challenges in clan chat
    🔵No badly rushed bases
    ⚪Have Fun
    🔴Must have a good donation ratio

    What are our War rules⚒️

    🔶 If Th9 + you will be put forward into the rota of donating cc troops and will be chosen to do this some wars
    🔷 If its a close war and leadership tells you to attack a certain base you must oblige
    🔶Don't hit marked base
    🔷 Don't attack for loot unless clear win
    🔶Attack opposite number for 1 st attack in war

    How to sign up✔️

    Upon joining request and leave the following:

    💯Say you applied from the forums
    ✅Leave a comment of your war attack strategys

    Many thanks hope to see you soon👍

    My name is The Legend in game Th9

    Clan tag:#29PCQGUV0
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