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Thread: <Almost Divorced> Looking to recruit active folks that want to war!

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    <Almost Divorced> Looking to recruit active folks that want to war!

    So a little about ourselves, we're a group of friends that decided to start a clan that could grow into a tight-knit community fostering friendship while bringing skilled game play.

    Our goal is to create a great team atmosphere where we can have fun, come up with some great strategies, and progress together. As to our name... many of us play so much that we are very close to what our namesake implies

    Our officer core has a ton of Clashing experience & brings decades worth of MMO leadership experience. As lifelong gamers and leaders we know how to run a clan right!

    We are looking for good active folks, that can communicate well in English, can show up to every war, and have a good team attitude. We prefer more adult-ish players, however we do have some members in their teens. Anything TH10+ we don't discriminate based on level (but we prefer nothing too rushed), as long as you are a team player and can put in the time and effort required. Please pop into discord and tell us a bit about yourself prior to applying.

    If this is you, come check us out

    <Almost Divorced> #22V9VC28V
    <Mostly Divorced>

    <Nearly Divorced> #2PYQLRJY8

    We also run a very active discord server ( where we have a multitude of guides, actively plan war attacks, and have a good time. There is never a dull moment!

    Hope to see you here, Cheers!

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    Have a few spots open. Come on by and say hello. We got cookies.

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    Fresh pie, so come on by.

    Still looking for a few more good folk for our war roster.

    Hop on discord, say hello

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    Just finishing up our CWL and back to regular wars.

    Always on the look-out for more good folk for our war roster.

    Pop by discord & introduce yourself

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    Daily bump with a fresh batch of cookies.

    Pass by say hello

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    Come by for the pie, stay for the fun.

    Looking for more for our war roster

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    Looking for more dedicated folk for our war rosters.

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    War wages on. Need more for the fray.

    Enlist now.

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    Need some fresh cookies... Any new batches ?

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    Cookies or Pies ?? whats in the oven for today?

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