Warlords is a back to back war clan. We are currently sitting at Master 1 in SCCWL. We like to run 40vs40 war when possible. We have 20+ TH12s and 15+TH11.

We use a second clan that is level 14 for TH11 and some TH12 for SCCWL. this will guarantee that everyone will be in SCCWL.

We do not need to best attackers. We preferred those who are willing to learn and help others learn.

War is planned out by the Co-Leaders and a War Plan is sent out for every war. Each person is assigned a group or section of bases by their townhall and skills.

Clan rules are simple:
Donate half of what you take.
Make sure to do your war attacks and opt out when needed or if hero are down.
No politics talk in the clan.

We love to joke around and have fun. Come and join the fun.