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Thread: Ranking of bases in War

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    Ranking of bases in War

    Now with so many people having maxed bases, the system of ranking bases that are all maxed by the time you started the game makes no sense.

    It should be based on trophies as with the new legends system trophies actually mean something.

    The no1 base in war should be the best player

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    It's not ranked like that anyway, so don't worry about it.

    Supercell has specifically stated they're not going to tell us how the ranking of equal weight bases works.

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    I honestly believe they will not tell us simply because even they do not know. That is, they specified a db query with one and only one sort attribute "return war bases sorted by war_weight". What I think ShaneGFitz is doing is suggesting additional (secondary, tertiary, etc.) ordering criteria they could include.

    Anyway, my own suggestion is:
    1) By war weight, then by ..
    2) Historic number of war stars won , then by ...
    3) Alphabetical order upon player names.

    I do not mind the way it is today (apparent random order if tied on weight), but also agree that having a definitive ordering would add goodness.

    Now if what people really want is a definitive ordering, with no apparent randomness regardless of number of ties, that can be easily done by using an attribute which cannot be tied ....

    1) By war weight, then by ..
    2) Alphanumeric ordering by player #hashtag .

    That then would never create a tied condition.
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    It's ranked solely on war weight.

    When the app requests it's list of bases, it is sorted by war weight, and war weight only.
    It has to return a list, and in some order so you get it in the order that it site in the database.

    That list does not change much, but it does change as the database changes. This can just be for performance issues for the database itself, and nothing that the app, the server applications, or Supercell even get involved in.

    So from war to war, that order of a 100% maxed (main base, defense and offense) TH12 doesnMt change much, but sometimes it does.

    It also really doesn't matter.

    (there's a good long, and funny!, thread on this somewhere, I think maybe OnyxDS answered it? that I will link when I find it - DONE)
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