4 Healers
2 Minions
9 Witches
12 Bowlers
Siege Machine: Wallwrecker
CC: Pekka, 2 Giants

1 Heal
2 Rage
1 Jump
2 Freeze
1 poison
CC: 1 Freeze spell

✔ To 3 star max bases in war consistently:
Heroes need to be at least lvl 35+
Max TH 10 troops only
✔ Always scout the base and locate both
inferno towers and clan castle.
✔ The wallwrecker needs to stay up long
enough to take out the first inferno tower +
cc troops on the way to the core of the base.
✔ Use the jump spell to access the 2nd inferno
and escape the core
✔ Always attack a flat side of the base. If you
attack from the corner your troops will
usually circle the base.
✔ Be careful when attacking ring bases

...TH10 Witch Slap Raid Objectives...
⚀ Determine the best side of the base to
attack. Make sure the cc cannot flank
your army. If there is an offset CC lure it.
Always remember, the CC needs to be taken
out on the way to the core.
⚁ Approach from the side of the base so that
you can access both inferno towers by the
time the wallwrecker goes down and your
jump spell has been used.
⚂ Deploy 4 witches then 2 healers to target
them on 1 corner, then repeat on the
opposite corner. Deploy 4 witches then 2
healers to target them.
⚃ Wait a few moments to allow the witches
the begin the funnel on the corners. Make
note of where the town hall is located then
deploy your wallwrecker in the middle or at
an angle that will allow it to break your
army into the core of the base.
⚄ Deploy your last witch on the side with the
most structures behind the WW. After the
WW breaks into the base deploy your
bowlers in a tight line behind the WW,
followed by the Archer Queen, then you King.
⚅ Deploy your first rage spell on the army as
it breaks into the first layer of the base.
Keep an eye out for any single target
infernos that lock onto your wallwrecker
and heroes too early. Use 1-2 freeze spells
to make sure your WW + army makes it into
the core
7 ⚠️ As your army moves into the base deploy
the poison spell on the defensive CC
troops & as they converge deploy your
heal spell to boost your army. The heal
spell should be overlapping your rage spell
about halfway.
8 ☣ Dont forget to use your first 2 freeze
spells to protect the wallwrecker and
killsquad. Use the 2nd rage as you engage
the core. The rage spell should overlap
your heal spell.
9 🚩Deploy the 3rd freeze spell on the 2nd
inferno tower if it hasn't gone down
10🚫Make the most of your hero abilities.
Always watch for single target infernos
and use your King's ability to power
through the core
11⛔Use the jump spell to break the army out
of the core & access the 2nd inferno tower
if it's still up.
12📍Deploy cleanup minions to help the
flanking witches. Make sure you only drop
your minions where there are no defenses
that can target them
13⭐⭐⭐....COLLECT YOUR 3 STAR....⭐⭐⭐

❗Don't be hesitant to use your king ability to
power through the core. Don't hold it back
too long & keep an eye on single target
❗Use AQ ability to keep her alive until the end


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