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Thread: Active TH7 looking for an English speaking clan

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    Active TH7 looking for an English speaking clan

    Looking for a chill war clan. Thanks

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    💥#pvuyclr8- Terror Vibes Lvl 15- Competitive Th9 and below wars💥 Members Must be active in Cwl, CGs, or Regular War.

    ALL WARS ARE OPTIONAL. NO mandatory 3rd party apps, kik is optional.

    FRIENDLY☺️ War, Farm, Push Clan. Put "MD" in request. IF THE CLAN IS CLOSED, friend request one of the leaders. Kik username caneheat. Discord - Caneheat#1528

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    Hi there,
    We are looking for active players who love to war. Let me tell you about my clan.

    Level 5 clan, so +1 on the donations
    * Daily Wars!!!
    * Max Xlan Games
    * Active chat and fast donations
    * International Clan - This helps with donations around the clock and someone is usually online
    * Active Leadership - We are always recruiting, removing inactives, providing advice, and planning wars

    Hope you can join us

    Buckfast Abbey


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