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Thread: COC Lovers, War/Pushing Clan

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    COC Lovers, War clan recruiting th9+ only!

    Hi everyone! We love COC! We need people to join our clan so we can fight other people COC's with our COC's! we are a growing clan with 20+ members looking for people to fight in wars with us or rise up the ranks with us as we are all looking to become better players. We are a very active clan that will give good donations constantly! We are based in the U.S. but are open to all players of any ages and from anywhere to join! we want to help grow your COC and help us grow our COC. If you would like to join the CLAN CODE IS HERE: #28CPJPQ90 or ADD MY FRIEND CODE: #J00L92VY or JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER: thank you and happy COCin
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    Room for 2? My brother and I, both adults, 29 years old, established Th 10s, looking for a home.

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    ya of course man

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