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Thread: New Verticality For Base

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    New Verticality For Base

    So SC has stated before that after th12 they would prefer to add to
    existing buildings instead of increasing village size.

    So my idea was how about add the option to raise the tiles. For example we can raise up 50 tile space.

    Instead of adding more defenses or walls make the terrain itself a defense. And the only way to attack that portion of the village is to climb stairs or ropes instead of breaking through walls.

    This could also add new options for traps such as a log that rolls down and pushes troops or oil bombs that does AOE damage on stairs

    Just imagine a pyramid base where you start at bottom and have to climb up for 3 stars. This could dramatically change gameplay on defense and attacking.

    New troops could also come out of this like one who can jump high enough to jump up a level or miners can have more value being able to tunnel up.

    Anyone else think this would be awesome? I hope i explained this well enough for yall to visualize

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    I feel this idea is someone good, just it would be very confusing on how to place things, and if it should cost gold or not. This would also make less room for buildings, and it would slow down attacks. I feel this should be reworked to make only certain compartments of the base raised.

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    Would the game simply become "air troops only"? All you described may impede ground troops, but then what of air?

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    As soon as you raise a building up, it will hide a building on ground level that is behind it

    Your brilliant new idea is already ruled out, here. Why CWL is straight after Season Pass ends, here.
    There's no matchmaking in CWL. Contact support, here, forum players can't always help.
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    I think the air troops would have an easier time climbing up, but would still take a bit of time to fly upwards.

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    They have made heroes 3d they could make everything 3d and be able to rotate view around base

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayden1996 View Post
    They have made heroes 3d they could make everything 3d and be able to rotate view around base
    They could, but they don't want to as that much 3D rendering would stress older devices and make it so a lot of players wouldn't be able to play anymore.

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