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Thread: Searching for a team

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    Searching for a team

    Hello. I am level 54 very helpful. Searching for a unstressful team. I have a friend on level 19 but he will grow. We are not focusing a lot on derby. Any teams there to let us in?
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    Hi 13on
    You are welcome to join us at Wonkey Donkey's #JJYPGRJ. We are a bunch of farmers level 20ish to.level 105. We are from the UK, USA, Europe, Asia and South Africa.

    We do have a competitive derby team playing 320/400 tasks only, usually taking the 10th task to secure our place in the top three. However, you do not have to enter. Many of our members never play the derby and that is fine. You need to be at least level 40 to enter.

    If that all sounds ok then I will need your farm tags as we are invite only.


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    Jules Odyssey Family Now Recruiting
    Jules Odyssey Family Now Recruiting

    • We are a very active, helpful, and friendly hood in Champions League who seeks players:-

    - Above level 40, where derby is optional. 0 spaces
    - Above level 70, where derby is optional. 2 spaces
    - Who are active within the town and also work your town daily.
    - Experienced derby players(knows stacking/what tasks to take)
    - Can do tasks @310 or above
    - Special derby's we require 320/400 point tasks if opted in.
    - Who are willing to do all types of tasks, making it fair game play.
    - Must be active players (daily)

    • We ask hoodies to complete all nine tasks, if opted into derby.(10th task optional)
    • Our main focus for derbies are just to acquire all the horseshoe prizes.
    • We don't chase the leader board scores

    • We are a neighborhood with humble hoodies where we give and help each other out without asking for anything in return. We are helpful, but ask for a player to be helpful back. Please and thank you goes a long way when someone has helped you out.
    • We understand everyone needs help, but continually asking or begging for items won't be tolerated especially if you are asking for rare foods, products that require hours to make or expansion materials.
    •We don't restrict the use of the birdhouse, you can request items you need for derby/general farming.

    • So if you want to be in a hood where it's relaxed, friendly and a helpful place to be, then come join us.

    • We are an invite only neighbourhood so if you like what you see and would like to join us then come on into our server and have a chat with us. Please wait if we don't respond straight away as we maybe busy but one of our admin will contact you as soon as they come online.

    • We also welcome guests into our server. Our emblem is a purple circle with a black bat.
    - English speaking hood.
    - Mature Hoodies Only Please.

    If you are on discord then please just follow the link at the bottom of our recruitment ad, we would like all members to be in our dicord server if possible. If you're interested and don't have discord then please msg me.
    We currently have 2 spaces in our lvl 70+ hood.

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    Small but friendly neighborhood 😃
    I'm a very active player, so I decided to create our very own neighborhood where there will be guaranteed communication between all the neighbors. Constant help with the derby's, filling boat orders, and even completely tasks. If you're tired of being in a neighborhood where no one speaks to each other come on over to the WE ARE FAMILY!! Hope to see you there! Tag # PP29G09R I will be glad to have you both in on my team

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