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Thread: What if earthquake unearthed traps?

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    This is a great idea and could bring earthquakes back into the meta. However, this effect should most likely only affect hidden teslas as the earthquake spell is only 1 spell space and unearthing all traps may be too overpowered.

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    To be honest I never even gave tesla's a thought but that's another good measure. My aim was to make quakes a decent option as a spell choice. Thanks for commenting

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    Any way to reveal traps or set them off is ruled out.

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    I'm with dmoore on this one. Kind of on the fence. I can see a benefit to using a quake to show the traps (not disarm them). The benefit of seeing them is obvious but the downside for the attacker is he wasted a spell space to see the traps within the radius of the spell , not the entire base and quite honestly, seeing them doesn't buy you much. You planned your attack long before you knew where they were and changing your attack strategy on the fly usually doesn't work out well. If you proceed with your strategy knowing where some of the traps are, you may be compelled to waste yet another spell to compensate for the trap you see. The attacker has wasted two spell space (maybe even three) that cant be used later or elsewhere. I am not sure I would bother using a quake that way simply because quite honestly, I have a pretty good idea where the traps are going to be anyways.....

    As a defender, I would certainly create lots of spaces in my base for traps and lots of just blank space simply hoping that you would waste a quake spell in an area that has no traps. I could use the chance of you using a spell as a strategy to reduce the amount of useful spells you have as well.
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