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Thread: Siege machines

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    Siege machines

    Hi, I would like to make a request. Can th11 also be given the opportunity to make siege machines? I find it senseless to give these possibilities only to th12 counting that there are only a few and the clans without the latter do not have the possibility of using the siege machines and must request them elsewhere. It is also something that benefits strong clans and I think it diminishes the functionality of the game which is a strategy game. Also counting the fact that they can be used from th10 upwards ... even if there were 2 th12 it would not be enough to give enough siege machines to everyone. By giving this possibility to th11 you would have more people available with this feature ... in the end it's just a matter of convenience and doesn't affect the balance of the game

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    The Workshop is an exclusive building for TH12. If your clan lacks Siege Machines, try to recruit more TH12 players or have current members upgrade to that level.

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    Upgrade to Th12
    Problem solved
    You're welcome

    (I think it's very unfair that a TH3 can't make Electro Dragons...)

    Your brilliant new idea is already ruled out, here. Why CWL is straight after Season Pass ends, here.
    There's no matchmaking in CWL. Contact support, here, forum players can't always help.
    Current trader cycle. Before posting, are you just feeding the troll?

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    I completely understand where you are coming from, but siege is the bait supercell uses to get people to th12.
    Maybe to fix your problem you should rush a mini up to 12 because siege will never be unlockable at th11.

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