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Thread: New Clan Seeking Members

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    New Clan Seeking Members

    Clash United #29LYLVQCG is a clan started 8/11/2019 and is based in the United States. We are recruiting active members to grow the clan in order to participate in war and Clan War League, as well as acheive max points in Clan Games.
    Our clan's goal is to grow as a clan by helping members grow, so they in turn can help the clan grow.
    About our leader, Jack the Giant:
    * Playing CoC since August 2015.
    * Went to Town Hall 11 in June 2019.
    * Expects to go to TH 12 at the beginning of September 2019.
    * Formerly in another clan in which he participated in war, war league, and clan games.
    * Has been in Champion League I for several months and is level 167.
    * Has over 200 war stars and has completed most of the achievements.
    * Previously when he was in former clan he would donate on average 1500-2000 troops per season.
    * Had Builder's Base maxxed prior to BH9 update.
    * Trophy highs- Main base 3980 Builder Base 4655.
    * He is always willing to share insights and experience to younger players to help them learn and grow as well as accept advice.
    * His player tag is #299L8GJ28.

    Clash United Expectations:
    * Troop Donations. Expect to give and receive.
    * War Attacks. If you opt in for war, then it is expected you will attack.
    * Clan Games. Participation in Clan Games is crucial to the growth of members.

    All members will be treated with respect. Anyone who disrespects another member will be kicked out of the clan. Once the clan begins participating in Clan War League, all bonus medals will be divided evenly among the top 5 players.
    Above all else, Clash of Clans is a game, so play hard, play to win, but most of all, have fun!
    We would love to have you join us!Clash United.png

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