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Thread: Valley task timing

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    Valley task timing

    I'm not certain if this is something that is a glitch, something I should send to support, or if it happens to everyone! Lol

    (USA EST) at 7:00 pm I get 4 tasks, at 7:55pm I get 4 new ones and then at 8:00 pm I get 4 more new ones with the accompanying fuel reset. So within an hour I have 12 tasks....

    Sadly I never have enough fuel to do the 4 in 5 minutes! Lol


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    This is a glitch, but one that works to our advantage for a change. Those additional quests give us the opportunity to make up for the impossible quests like fixing trucks that arenít there, and thus be able to claim all of the red chests. If they fix this glitch and not the others, we will miss out on the chests. Personally, I donít get extra fuel resets and I only get one extra set of quests.
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    i get an additional task before the fuel reset with task reset. i usually have 50 or so fuel, so i do get the chance to do them all. the only ones i do not do are the fix the truck ones and the collect chickens - there are no broken trucks or chickens. i prefer to think this is a feature rather than a glitch.

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    It happens to me daily as well, but only once (so I get 8 quests in an hour, not 12). Mine ranges from 1:12 minutes before the new fuel resetto 28 minutes before the fuel reset. Seems to change daily but it is typically about 40 minutes before our daily fuel reset. When I have a chicken on my quest chain it is always associated with the four quests I get 40 minutes to do and they always have an impossible requirement in those 40 minutes (collect a chicken or fix a broken down truck). Have yet to be able to collect either of the chickens on my quest chain for this reason. Sad that those little chickies have to go away feeling unwanted.☹️

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