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Thread: Should I upgrade to TH11

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    Should I upgrade to TH11

    I am currently 33/35 for heroes with max walls, defenses, and troops except dark spells (All are level 2) And the new witches. However I'm still trying to decide if I should go to TH11 Once i go to 35/35 or when they are max. For a week I've been sitting on max CC and max storages trying to grind dark and I keep wasting all the excess resources. So should I upgrade now, or no?

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    Upgrade yesterday. You have almost maxed heroes and full resources, so go for it.

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    Generally speaking one should upgrade TH if one or more of these criteria are met:

    - heroes at max or at planned levels
    - lab upgrades max or at planned levels
    - storages capped (ie no more resource dumps like walls)

    In your case the answer is obviously yes. It's very possible to have 40/40 at the end of a normal TH10 run. So next TH you really need to plan those hero upgrades better and focus slightly more on DE when farming.

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