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Thread: Looking for active derby loving nh

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    Looking for active derby loving nh

    Hi. I知 looking for a nh that is active, communicates (only on hay day) to complete tasks and helps each other out. I知 only lvl 23 but I am on constantly and quickly rising. I am in Canada on eastern standard time.

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    Friend Tag #9V2908YG9 Hay Field. Neighborhood Baby Farm #LP22LCQ2.
    We are small, so it is a great place to grow your farm. There are 4 farms, 3 people. We aren't focused on the trophies, we want the prizes so we aim for all the horseshoes.
    Help is given, mistakes are forgiven.
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    📌Friendly Farmers #9UPRVCUR📌

    ❤️❤️ ALL LEVELS WELCOME ❤️❤️

    ❤️We池e looking for active, chatty, and derby loving farmers of all levels! We池e in Champions league and currently have a few open spots. We love winning derby, but are lenient about the derby requirement if we are let known that something has come up. Become a Friendly Farmer and join a supporting and loving family of Neighbors!

    ❤️Our derby requirement is based on your farm level. For example, a level 50 farm is expected to get twice as many points as a level 25 farm. We do this to keep things fair for everyone! However, the requirement caps off at level 70. So a level 70 needs the same number of points as a level 170.

    ❤️We also use a full fledged democratic governing system to keep things in order! This consists of the Leader, and 6 elected neighbors. These 7 farmers make and enforce the rules in the neighborhood. We even have a constitution (!

    ❤️We have 5 rules, the FARMS rules!
    🧡You must be Friendly to all!
    💛You must be Active when you can!
    💚You must be Remarkable in derby!
    💙You must be Munificent when possible!
    💜You must be Sustainable and not rely on others for everything!

    ❤️We hope to see you soon!

    If Friendly Farmers is full, I知 so sorry about that! Fortunately, for anyone who wants to join the next time we have an open spot:

    We use an app called GroupMe to communicate. If you download the GroupMe app and then click this link:, you値l be placed into a group of players waiting to join Friendly Farmers. I値l send a message there whenever there whenever there is an open spot!
    Quote Originally Posted by Jojolozon View Post
    Hi. I知 looking for a nh that is active, communicates (only on hay day) to complete tasks and helps each other out. I知 only lvl 23 but I am on constantly and quickly rising. I am in Canada on eastern standard time.

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    Small but friendly neighborhood 😃
    I'm a very active player, so I decided to create our very own neighborhood where there will be guaranteed communication between all the neighbors. Constant help with the derby's, filling boat orders, and even completely tasks. If you're tired of being in a neighborhood where no one speaks to each other come on over to the WE ARE FAMILY!! Hope to see you there! Tag # PP29G09R

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    Lvl 39 now and still looking for a permanent home

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    Hello, if you are still looking for a 'hood, come check us out!


    Sandy Achres ---Looking for a new 'hood members
    Looking for members to join SANDY ACHRES - a Champion League neighborhood!
    We're an English speaking 'hood with international members.
    We are pretty relaxed but still like to get our horseshoes because everybody prizes!
    We are also a friendly ‘hood who like to chat and help one another. Almost all members play everyday.
    Derby participation is requested. We have some players who play only 320 tasks and others who do the point minimum. We also understand life gets in the way and you might need to take a break —you can always opt yourself out from time to time.
    A couple of other things we ask of our members:

    • Earn a minimum of 1800 points each week if you are opted into the derby (Minimum 3500 during Power Derby weeks).
    • Tasks under 305 points are deleted to help get neighbors to that goal.
    • Active townies
    • Active daily players
    • Members are friendly and helpful
    • Minimum level for our group is 38, with a request to join required.

    Name: Sandy Achres

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