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Thread: Lvl 127 looking for a new home

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    Lvl 127 looking for a new home

    Iím looking for new home with the following characteristics:

    1) derby max points including the 10th, finishing before Friday but Iím usually done before that
    2) Mostly North American based and English speaking
    3) off game communication to coordinate derby, Iím open to any platform as long as everyone is on it
    4) chatty and friendly, donít want silence after derby is done
    5) no delayed start, no diamonds to speed board
    6) informal reservation of tasks but okay with no reservation and first come first serve
    7) baby farms are welcome but not if they canít do derby and can opt out
    8) prefer hood mates that are not external traders and keep it in the hood
    9) huge preference for a smaller hood with committed players, donít want to join a large hood so prefer one that is looking to stop at 15-20 active players
    10) I want a leader who will enforce rules and is not afraid to kick out inactives or players not playing by hood rules

    I'm self sufficient with all machines maxed and a decent barn and silo. I play town but will not pick up townies during derby unless itís for a task and I expect the same. I will help anyone who needs it and donít hoard. I like the social aspect of HayDay.

    if you think Iíd be a fit PM me here and friend me in game #98QUCP9G

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    Hi, I sent you a PM....

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    Message sent to you
    🌼Mrs B🐝

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    Hi there, PM sent. Thx.
    🐬🐟Coral Reef🦀🐠 Tag #YR92Y2PU

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    We are a small hood, but all players are active. We are high level farms that are looking for derby strong players. We’re organized and have a great leader. We expect to come in the top 3. We listen to what are players want and we love to help each other out. If this sounds good... we want you! Come check us out at #PQLYQUGJ

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    You sound like our type of player. Sending pm and friend request
    Clover íGirls' 19 adult, male & female, English speaking players from around the world. 100+ cups in Champ League. Ten tasks @320/400 or opt out.
    Level 85 please.
    Look for white dog, pink heart (or the red bat if itís Halloween #2GPVQCVC

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