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Thread: War Clan recruiting Th6 and above

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    New War Clan recruiting Th6 and above

    New clan TheWiseCowboys recruiting active players looking for players between ideally Th6 - Th10


    ✔️ Active
    ✔️ Teamplayer
    ✔️ Any Town Hall lvl (ideally Th6 - Th10)
    ✔️ Mature

    Who we are:

    A new War clan only started on the 30/07/19. Currently in are debut clan war league. We are full of members from different areas in the world an International clan.

    Clan Rules ( To be implemented by end of the week) :
    1) Must donate 50 troops a week
    2) Must not start causing drama on the clan chat e.g. Arguing, bullying, jealousy etc
    3) Must attack in war
    4) Opt in for war. (If opted out won't be selected)
    5) No asking for a promotion it is earnt on merit not begging.

    How to get promoted :

    Promotion is earnt from numerous ways:
    - Continuous good attacks in wars
    - Donating more than the required quota each week
    - Helping others players out with attacks via in clan challenges
    - Being a team player

    My in game is TheLegend TH9

    Clan Tag:#29PCQGUV0
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