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Thread: online identifier for leaders and Co leaders

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    online identifier for leaders and Co leaders

    It would be nice for the leader and Co leader to have access to see what neighbor is online in our neighborhood. Also to be able for us leader and co leaders to send direct messages to our individual neighbors. If we feel there is something happening and donít want to everyone to see us talking it out.

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    I have always wished this was a thing. In our family we have a rule ~~~Praise in public, scold in private. Not everyone wants to get a second app to chat nor do they want to add everyone on Facebook or here.
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    I do not want people to know if I'm online. I want some privacy.
    People in NH can already see if anyone is online, I think that's enough. When it's like this I can decide if I want others that are online to know if I am, or just let them think it's someone else.

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    A private message from leader / co-leader ought to be an option. It should also pop up on the farmers screen as soon as they open their farm.things get lost in chat & the 3 messages on the pinned bit is not adequate.

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    While this would be useful as an option (so it isn't forced), it looks like being able to see who is online in your NH is "ruled out for the time being" according to the sticky, so I don't think this will be implemented.
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