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Thread: Th9 needs a clan for clan games

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    Th9 needs a clan for clan games


    I am God Of Thunder


    I am looking for a clan for the clan games,
    Surely I'll stay forever and I'll meet the requirements,

    I thought to build my own clan but it didn't worked,active in wars, have been to master 1 but down these days to farm elixer and dark

    Surely will push to champs if the clan needs me to.

    Almost 250 war stars,
    Plz reply to this thread or send me a freind request in game.

    Lvl10+ clan needed

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    Our feeder will combine with our main for Games. Head over to our feeder so we can talk.


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    Hey brisket I wanna like to talk to you, plz give more details about your clan.

    Looking for other clan request too
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    Australia: English Speaking Clan
    Mac Aussie Clan (P82VQV8V)

    We are an english speaking Aussie Clan looking for the following:

    • MUST be an Active/Daily Clasher
    • TH 9, 10, 11 & 12 (Not overly rushed) welcome
    • Can read and understand english
    • Follow instructions and be part of a team effort

    We war twice a week at the same times every week and participate in:

    • Clan Wars (optional)
    • Clan League Wars (optional)
    • Games (must)

    We aren’t interested in Clashers that are hoppers, parkers, swearers and/or are just plain disrespectful.

    Our forum password is:
    "Pekka King"

    Kind Regards
    Zennet - #8Q88RLPQG

    Come & join a great clan
    Clan Founded - March 2016

    Clan War Profile:
    Clan Wars - 187 wins
    Clan League Wars - Gold 1
    Clan Level - 11
    Clan Members - 29 members

    No Swearing
    Come & join a great clan
    Founded - March 2016

    Zennet - #8Q88RLPQG
    Town Hall - 12
    Level - 204
    War Stars - 1510
    (Clan Leader)
    Mac Aussie Clan

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    My name is G Money in the game and I just took over my old dormant clan. Iím looking for active war players without a rushed base, engineered ok. We are a level 11 clan named Pulp Fiction (#2880YY2V) Looking for th9 and up please. We have siege machines and maxed troops for donations, please look us up and join!! We are an adult clan and war back to back! We max out in clan games and is active in CWL. We are a Michigan based war clan and start wars around 11pm eastern time.

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