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Thread: Looking to rebuild my level 14 clan

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    Looking to rebuild my level 14 clan

    Hello, we are looking to rebuild the clan! Looking for guys an girls who are into back to back wars, clan games, and CWL. We also prefer th10+ non rushed and heavy donators! If this is you come check us out! We are pretty laid back we like to joke with one another all in fun! Adult conversation. We only ask that you donate what's requested and finish clan games. War is optional but we are very war oriented. So if your opt out be sure to do games.

    Feral Hogs is the name, come on by mention this add in forms as we war non stop.

    We are a USA based clan accepting all who can speak English!

    Th10 heros 30/30
    Th11 heros 40/40/15
    Th12 heros 50/50/30

    Hope to see yall soon! Clash on!😎
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