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The problem I see specifically with this is that your days of 8 attacks/defenses are not created equally. Depending where your natural equilibrium point is...attacking early in the season at the point of reset might mean much easier or much harder attacks for a day or two than you would otherwise have later in the season.

For example, if we just say everyone gets 240 attacks and defenses in a month (because you're spot on that it would have to be the same at the end of the month for fairness), and I am normally someone who hits 6000 trophies (or whatever number, but I'm at the top end of the trophies usually). I would just load up as many attacks as possible early on. Heck, if I could do all 240 on day 1 I would. I'd use an inordinate number of attacks on the "random" population after the reset, and hope for as few as possible on my peers as the season wears on.

I'd also argue that missing a defense here and there ultimately turns out to be immaterial by the end of the season. If we posit that people at high trophy levels are not likely to miss attacks, and therefore their targets are not likely to miss defenses...then missed defenses is primarily a factor at low Legends...and over 240 is likely to relatively even out for those folks. If a missed attack pushes you a little higher than your equilibrium point, you'll be battled back down since you are matched based on trophy level. Kind of like the ladder system of BB or CR...if someone starts a battle and then leaves and gives you the win...you're not really climbing any higher in the long run...you simply move up slightly higher than you should be and get knocked back down in short order.

By the same token that not all battle days are created equal, neither are missed attacks. A missed attack against you (so less defenses for you) is much more meaningful on the final day than any other day. You have an opportunity to get 40 trophies higher than you otherwise would/should be, and there's no additional day after to knock you back down the ladder.
I absolutely agree. It has to be per day, never per month, for exactly the reason you list.