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I'm once again thrown into a valley where other players are not collecting chickens, and the valley luster has already worn on my fellow NH mates who were scrambling hard for chickens last season to acquire what seemed like an impossible amount. After last season, they have really lost any motivation for playing the valley until the developers find a better balance in implementing it. Their views is the tasks to gain the additional spins impede on their daily farming too much - and for smaller level farmers with not as much crop space and whatnot, I can definitely understand their position.

I'm collecting 3 chickens daily myself which, ideally this should net my contribution to about 60 chickens during this season; but, despite my contributing to more than half the required amount, I don't see us making the 100 count. No one is bothering with the group requests, so I am not wasting fuel or goods to even bother with them myself. Once in a while I will login and see someone else has collected chickens, but it is obviously not nearly often enough.

I also feel like the amount of tokens rewarded were of a lesser amount this season.
I think I have in and around 100 plots now and it is hard to do the fuel tasks-50 plots taken up with cotton, lettuce, strawberries or chilis leaves me with little space to keep up with what I need for farming and as my barn isnt that big I cant keep a huge stock of anything so having to complete trucks and boat orders is wiping me out!! Mostly I just do 20,50,100 if poss and that doesnt cause too much trouble! Once did 200

I dont seem to have as many tokens either but really cant tell if thats just me or if its different! 🤨😆