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Thread: I am in search of a active clan .😊

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    I am in search of a active clan .😊

    I am a active and a fast donating player. I need a active , fast donating and war lover clan. I have 2 accounts of th 8 and 7. You can visit my both accounts . th 8 player tag : #L2Y8JGG2C . th 7 player tag : #PJRY0GCPJ .😊😊

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    We are are very active bunch that would love to Clash with you. Here is what we can offer you:

    * Level 5 Clan - This means donations are one level higher than normal, huge perk for wars
    * Daily Wars - We run wars back to back and
    * International Clan - This helps with donations around the clock and someone is usually online
    * CWL - We will make sure you have a chance to participate in CWL
    * Clan Games - We always max clan games and obtain all rewards
    * Active Leadership - We are always recruiting, removing inactives, providing advice, and planning wars

    Hope you can join us!

    Hope you can join us

    Buckfast Abbey


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    Both of your accounts would be welcome in Reddit Zenith. With multiple accounts, we generally give priority in wars to people's main accounts (if we have 26 opted in, we would drop the bottom alt for numbers for example). Check us out

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