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Thread: struggling to adapt

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    struggling to adapt

    hey guys, I haven't been as active as of late, but I am struggling in my attacks at max th12. everything seems to fizzle out and nothing is going to plan. hogs, loons, pekka smash, pekka bo bat. there just seems to be to much to overcome at the moment and pathing also seems to have changed. things seem to be b-line in a row (specifically defense targeting troops) instead of collapsing inwards when those structures seem to be closer.

    can anyone offer a hand or point me in the right direction? I love the game but am getting frustrated.

    thanks again,

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    i felt the same way, but you need more practice. do friendly challenges frequently
    maybe this will help

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    Watching the ESL qualifiers and other top competitive videos really helped me. Learn and digest the concepts and try to execute over lots of practice.

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    I'm in the same boat. Was using a version of pekkasmash, but started getting some really odd, non-pekkasmash friendly bases, so I switched to an aq charge into lavaloon strat.
    This worked for a few days, then I started tanking on those attacks: a few 0 stars, mostly 2 stars with sub-70% destruction.
    So now I'm struggling to find an attack strat that works for me. I also need a better base too.
    Legends is fun and challenging (for me) and I like it.

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    I just use edrags ..and bats .. I’m a lazy lady who loves her flying creatures

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    Build an army, fill your cc and go clan hopping.

    And just do friendly challenges in as many clans as possible. You'll get some good practice and many clans will be happy to have someone test their bases.

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    Being in Legends, I have been taking the safe 2-star attack vs the risky 3-star strategy. It didn't seem to matter what army I was using, the risky 3-star was not paying off. I think players have tweaked their defenses to a point where the attack is running out of steam.

    At the moment, the only 3-star strategy I have been able to sometimes pull off is a queen charge with hogs. But, I've also run into issues where the townhall has been centralized and when I drop hogs and warden - the warden doesn't keep up well if they are darting to the center of the base to use eternal tome as effectively as I would like. I can usually always get the 2-star, but after that the attack fizzes out quickly or it continues to do well and end somewhere in the 90% range. Depends heavily on if skeleton traps are set to ground or air.

    I've also seen a trend to centralizing the TH once again, at least for this week. I think this is bc players were getting wrecked bad with hog raids due to the event. Most of my 3-star hog raids were against the off-centered TH "anti-3" base.

    That being said, I have not been 3-starred in 1.5 weeks and have taken just about every attack you can think of. Most of my defenses fall in the 55-75% range with some 1-stars thrown in there. I just moved my TH about 10 tiles, adjusted a few buildings/traps here and there, and it made all the difference on defenses. As other players are doing the same to their bases, the higher level heroes are becoming less OP and more balanced. It was a nice ride steamrolling bases with max heroes, but it is just a matter of time before players adapt and things get balanced - or Supercell sees things as too strong and balances it themselves.

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    OP, do you have the ability to post a video? It might be easier to give specific pointers if we can watch an attack in action.

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