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Thread: A new war match making idea...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmoore1998 View Post
    No, there's no point in working for something if it provides you zero advantage. Also factor in that it now creates a lot of opportunity to game the system by starting new clans just for war, have them be low-level, and then make sure you've either got a person to donate max troops or have another clan you can go to for troops.

    Based on your logic, the matching must also account for not having anyone sitting out the war in the clan that could provide maxed troops the opponent cannot get, not allow anyone to join who has maxed troops to donate them, and not allow anyone to leave the clan to get maxed troops for the war. Offensive weight counts too, so if you're going to regulate the clan castle defense troops, you've also got to regulate clan castle offensive troops or else it is pointless.

    You could still get normal attacking troops from donors but for defense on war?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiniDeathclaw View Post
    Iím not sure if this is just me or not but Iím a th11 that owns a clan almost level 7 and I have been matched up with clans around level 15, they have +2 troops level donation meaning all their war bases get higher defense then ours at the same weight. Puting my clan at the disadvantage, either we can make wars separated into levels 1-4 by then self and 5-9 and 10+ in their own war category or make the donation upgrade not effective on wars. Has anybody ever thought of this? Enemy clan castle has greater defense. No fair!
    Its, only not fair if you look at it from a communist perspective. In a communist world fair is when a garbage man and a doctor recieve the same wage. But is that really "fair"? I'll put it into context for you, your clan is the man and their clan is the doctor. They have grinded for years studying to be a doctor so naturally they get a higher wage. That's what true fairness is
    Ps, name a successful communist country?
    Hint: none
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