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Thread: Need Advice Th9 Trying to max

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    Need Advice Th9 Trying to max

    Should I upgrade Valks to lvl 3 or Witches to Lvl 2 or Keep upgrading Heroes?

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    Heroes as much as possible.

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    What level are your Heroes? Hard to answer before knowing where your heroes are first.
    But if you are DE troop upgrading, between valks or witches, do the witches for sure.

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    More information is indeed needed to give a proper answer.

    However if you're in a position where you need to choose valks or witches to research, go with witches.

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    If you are trying to actually max out TH9 before going to 10 the answer is always heroes.
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    My heroes are both lvl 13 and witches are better then valks? Ok will upgrade witches thanks to all you guys

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    go for witches they are OP in th9 and th10
    if you want to go to TH10 as soon as possible go for heroes then

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