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Thread: [RECRUITING] Arrow/Faith 3-7 (#28Y08Y909 |FEEDER WAR CLAN

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    [RECRUITING] Arrow/Faith 3-7 (#28Y08Y909 |FEEDER WAR CLAN

    Hi! Arrow/Faith 3-7 is a feeder clan to our main clan, Arrow. Here we help lower level members learn the mechanics of the game and how to become better attackers in war and in multi-player battles. Once players reach town hall 9, and feel that they have mastered attacking and better understand the game as a whole, they go our main clan Arrow to achieve greater success!

    What you will gain from being in the clan:
    •Step by step walk-throughs on how to attack multiple bases in war and when not in war
    •Advice on what troop combinations are best suited for you.
    •The correct troops you need donated to you whenever you need them
    •Great conversations with other players to get to know them better and make personal connections. We don't only talk about the game in clan chat!
    •Being a part of our Arrow/Faith family! We have a family of clans (4 total) who support one another and help each other grow! We are always expanding and we would love for you to join us!

    •Must be town hall 9 and below.
    •Finish the war in your previous clan. No players with war timers will be accepted.
    •Must speak English. It just makes communication easier!
    •Members can be any age. We accept kids and adults.
    •Our clan is based in the United States, but any player from any country is welcome!

    Clan Rules:
    •No profanity is allowed due to the fact that we do have minors in the clan.
    •Donating is a must if you are th5+
    •It is encouraged that members be active on clan chat, but not required.
    •Members must make both war attacks and always follow the war strategy.
    •Always read your clan mail! This is where important messages are sent out by the leader and where the war strategy is given.
    •Be respectful to other members and respect all troop requests.
    •No clan hopping is allowed. We need loyal, active members who are here to stay.
    • friendly, active, and mature!

    How can I become an elder or co-leader?
    •How to become elder:
    1) Be active on the game and in the chat.
    2) Must be in the clan for at least a month.
    3) Make all war attacks and follow the war strategy.
    4) Participate in clan games.
    5) Donate. Donate. Donate.
    How to become co-leader:
    1) Recruit members to join our clan. Since we are a feeder clan, we will always have members going to the main clan. That means we will always need new members.
    2) Be active on the game and in the chat.
    3) Donate regularly.
    4) Answer questions that members may have if the leader is not on.
    5) Participate in clan games.
    6) Must have been in the clan for at least 2 months.

    How can I apply?
    •You may apply to join our clan on the game by searching for our clan tag #28Y08Y909.
    •You can also tell me a little about yourself in a comment below, state your player tag, and I can invite you.

    Hope to see you soon!
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    Senior Member KatanaMaster12's Avatar
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    Aug 2019
    This thread
    I might join.
    I am an almost maxed th8
    I am very active and will donate and be active
    My in-game name is KatanaMaster12 same as my forum name
    Will send player tag once decided
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    Daily bump! We could use a few more for cwl!

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    Hey guys! Our first war in clan war leagues starts tonight, wish us luck!

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