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Thread: [Recruiting] Senators Clan! TH12 War Clan!

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    Cool [Recruiting] Senators Clan! TH12 War Clan!

    Looking for active, war ready TH12 players. We are currently sitting in masters 2, and we will almost certainly promote next CWL. We are the elite part of a small clan family where rushed, or sub th12 players can find homes. We encourage learning new attacks and initiative from our new players.

    We donate a lot. We always max clan games we war almost constantly, blah blah blah lol... Your hero's need to be decent, you need to manage your war status, and you'll need to get your hits in early if you're new. These are the minimum expectations of a competitive clan.

    If you are consistently getting 2 stars on 12s, we will be ok. We are active and competitive, but we don't expect much as long as you do your job.

    Discord is mandatory, join there for tag : Https://

    I hope to meet you soon!

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    bump! great clan

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    daily bump, you should join - we are fun

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    daily bump, solid war clan, bring your 12s on over

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    bump for the day, check us out guys

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    monday bump! Hope you'll check us out

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    Tuesday Bump! Hope to see you stop by the clan soon!

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    Wednesday bump!

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    this clan is bump bumpin

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    happy bump day

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