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    Queenwalk funnelling

    hi all,

    please video at

    Why does the queen walk downwards despite the clean funnel created and the cannon being nearer to the queen?


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    Because itís what she does

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    Video is unavailable.

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    Can you post a screenshot since the video is unavailable?

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    Hi all, I have set it to be viewable. Apologies. Any help is welcome. Thanks!

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    The bombtower is closer than the canon? Maybe she takes the title behind walls into account too...
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    Freezing at 0:21, I think the queen sees the bomb tower as the closest target once the gold storage goes down. In terms of tiles, the nearest corner of the cannon looks to be 7 tiles up and 3 tiles to the left of the queen (direct distance of ~7.6 tiles), and the nearest corner of the bomb tower appears to be 2 tiles down and 7 tiles to the left of the queen (direct distance of ~7.3 tiles). The gold mine looks to be 9 tiles away. I'm counting from the queen's feet (which is where she really is, I think).

    Major caveats: This is mostly a guess. I don't know if I'm counting from the right part of the queen, or the right part of the target. I do think you needed that bomb tower to go to have the funnel set to how you needed it.

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    Hi all, I was thinking of the bomb tower. But it's behind the wall and the outer buildings been cleared. I remember before the AI update, it was a more reasonable algorithm for the queen AI. If this is the case, queen walk becomes impossible if even buildings behind wall have to be cleared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xristian View Post
    Why does the queen walk downwards despite the clean funnel created and the cannon being nearer to the queen?
    It's hard to be precise when calculating distances, especially the precise location of the AQ the moment she selected a new target, but I absolutely disagree that the cannon was closest. Both the defending Archer Queen and the air sweeper were closer (about 7 tiles in a straight line). The cannon was over 8 tiles away on the diagonal. If the bomb tower were also seen as closer (it's a close call), your Archer Queen wouldn't have even seen the cannon due to the Rule of 3 (troops only see the 3 closest targets). Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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