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Thread: Time to shine again as Team Forums!

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    Cool Time to shine again as Team Forums!

    As the Clan War League is coming to us again in 18 days, it is time to gather our forces and show the world what the forum people are made of!

    This time we will fight in the Forum Fleapit, and the aim is to get a 30v30 mixed TH CWL going.

    TH10 to TH12 will fit best in the schedule, but there is room for a few TH9 bases. The Fleapit currently fights our battles in Chrystal 1.

    Come and meet your fellow forum members in a week of fun! As someone who has been involved in these CWL events since the first one, I can tell you it is worth it. Awesome people, some of them even with decent skills. The objective is to get everyone at least their 8 stars needed for full bonus, but of course we also try to win our fights. Just do not get me in to trouble with the management by promoting us :-)

    Sign up in this thread and I hope to see you all in 18 days!

    1 Call me H Twisted Pixie TH11
    2 MasterEdy Master edy? TH11
    3 ? LilDragon TH10
    4 Alipt The Thor TH9
    5 Be a Legend ? TH10
    6 RambleTamble Kashmiri TH12
    7 UltimateHamm ? TH10?
    8 MajorJohnson ? TH12
    9 AxsMan Axs several
    10 Flipse Flipse TH12
    11 LordSk LordS-k TH12
    12 Alfie564 Alfalafasprout TH10
    13 silversnake33 silver snake 3 TH10
    14 JackPearl
    15 TPig
    16 Piggie?
    17 Sowad Sowad TH10
    18 Warios Norias TH10
    19 Charlie TH11

    Join our discord server:
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    Incase anyone need the clan tag for Forum Fleapit... Here it is. #GQQVU29L

    Edit: Why is the thread moved here? Never had it moved here.
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    Hi Lord

    I have a TH11 "Twisted Pixie" I can include

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    South East of China, not that far away from Shanghai, or Hong Kong, just where my heart is...
    My TH11 and my brotherís TH10 is yours

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    Oct 2018
    I am in , with TH9
    ,In game name The Thor , discord name The Thor.
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    Belgium, a beautiful town. Here, you can find the best Fries, chocolate, beer and waffles ever!
    I would like to join the fight with my th10✌️

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    in a state of info seeking for now
    I can send a 38/36 hero pretty developed base for the cwl or my th12 that I farm and donate with...glad to see the pit still being used

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    Somewhere on the Earth
    Oh old guy you did a Typo mistake . It's crystal not Chrystal
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    Wow couldn't find it. Didn't think to look outside of where it is usually posted in clan talk. I will be able to commit one of my accounts th11 or 12. Will update if bringing both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wawa03 View Post
    Wow couldn't find it. Didn't think to look outside of where it is usually posted in clan talk. I will be able to commit one of my accounts th11 or 12. Will update if bringing both.
    Yes, sorry, this month's thread got posted in wrong sub and then moved here. Will try and get some pms sent out to other regulars.

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