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Thread: Game ideas

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    Game ideas

    -Allow future level 6 earthquake spell to destroy walls with 3 spells rather than 4

    -a new Skeleton hog-rider class troops that is resistant to certain traps such as the giant bomb and spring trap with of course less health and 6 spaces rather than 5 for this troop.

    -ability to merge giant bombs with archer towers to drop a bomb just like the bomb tower does.

    -slightly less bats spawned upon lv4 and lv5 bat spells.

    -Slight health increase to level 9 wizard or create a level 10 wizard for town hall level 12 as level 9 wizards die to fast from th12 defenses.

    -speed decrease to lava hounds allowing them to not go to far from balloons so fast.

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    Just an idea, don't post 6 half formed ideas and expect feedback.
    Choose one idea, flesh it out, tell us why it is needed and how it would make the game better.

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    Your brilliant new idea is already ruled out, here.

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    What Phil said.

    But also, some of your suggestions sound like you simply don't know how to use your troops. Wizards are supposed to be fragile because they inflict high dps. They need to follow troops with high hit points that can tank for them. Also, drop your lava hound *after* your balloons. I see it all to often that someone drops their lava hound first just like they would drop giants or golems first.

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    SuperCell added a slight increase with the Earthquake spell radius per level. Having to use 4 Earthquake no matter the level that can destroy any walls is fine.

    Let troops have their own uniqueness rather than trying to fuse some together.

    Same for defense, keep them seperate from each other.

    The Bat spell already got tweaked, so unless SuperCell adds another level, I say the current amount of bats are fine for now.

    Wizards are high damaging troops, but lack in health. They need cover from troops like Giants or Golem to help keep them from getting targeted by defense.

    Lava Hound need to move faster than troops like Balloons so they can go to defense, like the Air Defense, to help protect your other troops. Scout bases so the Lava Hound doesn't go too far from the rest of the army.

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