Hoodmate completed her milk task and went to drby board to take another task....Hay Day locked up and she had to force close and return, same thing happened again but she noticed that her task list showed the milk 2 times now. She had to get a few work things done so she shut off her phone to see if that would resolve it. She returned an hour or so later and it had finally cleared where she could take a task. She did so and maybe ten minutes later noticed. In the thread somebody commented that apparently her task expired because it showed 1/9 at 0 points on her first task. She said no, she finished it with almost two hours to go on the time. She looked at her task log and this is what it shows. I have given you a photo of her task log and the NH task log so you can see the 1/9 at 0. Anybody have this issue before. Contacted support but the auto type response was so illogical it was hard to believe that they were even responding about a derby task.