Saw a chicken in the road that was way across town (19 spots to be exact). Had a closer neighbor check the time on it as I needed 20 more minutes to get my next spin (had to feed my cows and chickens to get the last 9 needed suns for a fuel spin). It had 2 hours plus.

completed feeding my cows and chickens, spun for fuel. Now had 24 so I boogied over to the chicken. When I got there it was sitting there waiting to be collected. I hit collect but as I did it said 6 seconds remaining. It did nothing but continue to count down. Hit collect again and it did same. Hit collect again and the chicken disappeared. A few seconds later it was back and when I hit it, it said 2 hours 3 minutes remaining. Hit collect and it said 0 seconds remaining. Chicken disappeared. Ticked, I drove one spot away. Suddntly chicken was back and it had 2 hrs 1 minute remaining, returned. Hit collect and it said, O seconds remaining. Went on my way and for next two hours the chicken sat there uncollected. A hoodmate attempted to collect it and when he got just disappeared alltogether. When he drove off' it was back. Help and support have never responded to my inquiries (3 now)