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Thread: Almost maxed th12 and mini new th12

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    Hey, you could give us a try Cornwall's war #80QJVP9G.

    War clan, you'll have to war at least twice a week

    There's no pressure in our clan tho, you do your best and thats that

    What's your tags? Can't take your mini if it isn't good unfortunately

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    Hi, Smangela
    I think you will be a great fit for us.

    We are Invictus Realm, but also have a feeder clan where your other account can go!
    We are super active.

    CWL:Champs 2
    We are an all TH12 clans.So you can learn and teach a lot of new strategies with fellow TH12s.
    We are an adult english speaking elite war clan with players who are willing to learn and teach.
    We do back to back wars.
    We got almost 4:1 win loss ratio in wars.
    We were in Champs 1 few seasons ago but got demoted now we are fighting to reclaim our spot in Champs 1.
    Players from all round the world so you will get troops whenever you play.
    Donations are filled quickly.
    Unlimited troops and siege donations.We donít have any donation ratio rule.Request as much as you want.We have many maxed players who are happy to donate.
    Visit us to see if we are a good fit for you.Say'Ryan sent you' in request.
    Clan tag:#9PP98GJG

    "Make love, not war" - Peace

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    Hi Smangela,

    If you're still searching for a clan check us out!

    ***Pine Fine #PYULYYU9***

    We are recruiting a couple more TH11+ ***(cannot be rushed or engineered)*** that are active in wars. We war every Monday/Wednesday/Friday and the wars are started at 8 PM EST. We are looking for members that are friendly but take war seriously.

    We are in ---Masters 1 --- for the Supercell CWL

    ***CWL is taken seriously for our clan - Meaning if you participate you will be expected to do friendly challenges before attacking and you need to discuss your attack plan so others can review it to see if there are any problems with it.***

    To participate in CWL you will need to be TH12. We do have a second clan, Pine Fine 2, that is in Crystal 1 that non TH12s move to.

    Our record is 327 wins and 253 losses. If you have opted for wars you are expected to use both your attacks. TH10's and lower are expected to attack in the first 12 hours of the war. *If you can't meet these requirements you will be kicked*

    We also have fun events sometimes. We have done a few PotLucks and Trojan War (no one attacks until the last 90 minutes of the war)- They are a lot of fun! We also host other war events, ground/air troops only, 50 in 50 and friendly wars with our second clan.

    ***Warning - Before joining and leaving like so many others from the forums - Our chat can be inactive outside of wars. The clan in general however is not inactive. We war three times a week and donations are filled very quickly. If you want a very active chat log at all times, this isn't the clan for you.***

    We are relaxed when it comes to donations. We hope that any member that joins donates. During a war, specifically requested troops are normally filled quickly and are only max donations. Outside of war troop requests are filled but specific requests may not be filled as quickly as a request of "any".

    ***If you do send an invite, make sure to put [Goliath] or something about Goliath in your comment so youíre not denied since we are always actively waring.***

    We have not missed maxed rewards since Clan Games was introduced. If you join we do not have a minimum limit on how many points you must earn we just hope that you contribute as much as you can.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here. Good luck and hope to hear from you soon!


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    Thanks for all the responses. I havenít had luck on global so I came here. Lots of requests for my player ID so here they are...
    Iím also located in the US. I donít really care to war with my mini so stashing in a sister clan to help with donations would be great with the occasional war.
    Iíll check out yíalls clan here shortly. Thanks again!

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    sent an invite to uor mini.

    Krakurskull Clan Tag - 2PV8LV0J
    Forum -

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    Chicken's Fire sounds like what you are looking for. We war once a week plus CWL. If you do want more wars you can jump to our war clan Chicken's Ice at any time.

    Chicken's Fire and Chicken’s Ice - farming/war clans are now recruiting

    Looking for generous donating, family friendly, organized, farming /warring clans? If so, you're in luck, Chicken's Fire and Chicken's Ice are recruiting.

    We are currently recruiting active non rushed th9 and higher accounts. Must be willing to do CWL and use Discord.

    Chicken's Fire (#Y0JU9QCC) welcomes responsible players 14+ yrs with town hall 10 or higher accounts.

    Chicken’s Ice (#22QQ0QCGP) is our war clan for town hall 9 and higher.

    Parents that join can bring their children under 14, but are responsible for ensuring their children follow clan rules. The rules are minimal and are designed to ensure everyone can enjoy themselves while playing.

    Chicken's Fire: We war once a week (Friday) and in Clan War Leagues. You can opt out if you don't want to do regular wars but we do encourage members to participate. All members are required to do clan games and earn a minimum of 500 points to ensure we always get the highest tier rewards for everyone.

    Chicken's Ice: We war 3 times a week (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday) and in Clan War Leagues. As with Fire everyone is required to earn a minimum of 500 points in clan games.

    We encourage everyone to donate.

    Players must be able to communicate in English.

    If you want more information you can contact us by email

    Clan: Chicken's Fire
    ClanTag: #Y0JU9QCC
    Clan level: 13
    Clan War League: Crystal I
    Wars: Once a week (Friday war search)
    Leader: Gudroll
    Location: International (we have members from USA, Canada, UK, Sweden and elsewhere)

    Clan: Chicken's Ice
    ClanTag: #22QQ0QCGP
    Clan level: 6
    Clan War League: Crystal III
    Wars: 3 times a week (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday war search)
    Leader: North Star
    Location: International
    Feeder clan for Chicken's Fire for lower town hall members. You can jump to Chicken's Fire to request maximum level cc troops and spells for wars. Fire members are free to war in Ice too.

    We are a member of the Chickens United clan family.

    If you liked what you read and are interested in joining us please send a request and type "Saw the Forum Post" or similar in the invite request box.

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    Hi friendó

    If youíre interested in warring, check out Last to Resorts (#8J20LRJQ). Weíre a level 19 adult war clan based in the U.S., with a number of international players. Our wars consist of mainly TH11s and TH12s, with our TH11s and some TH12s going to our secondary clan during the Clan War League season for CWL there.

    Weíre looking for like-minded clashers with a strong sense of team play. If that describes you and the heroes and troops are appropriate for TH12 in both accounts, stop by for a visit and get to know us.

    We have new members do FCs before theyíre put in war, so itíd be great if you have heroes up and a war army ready.

    Please mention this forum post in your request to join in. Thanks, and clash on!

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    Me and a few others just took over a dead level 12 Clan. Working on initial recruitment. Most of the members rn are just randoms as it's open. Hopefully will find a few solid players.

    One bonus is I have a donation account that 3 other members have access to with siege and most max level troops. Had 42k donations last month.

    Anyway my clash user ID is #Y82GYGCCQ I'm the clan leader. Check out my account and clan if you want to.

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    at your base.
    [Recruiting] Invictus Nobles | Th11/12 | Level 18 | Warring

    Clan Name: Invictus Nobles

    Clan Tag: #PPGP2RPR

    Clan Level: 18

    CWL: Master 1

    We at Nobles, are recruiting members who have a healthy number of war stars, Joining wars are optional. Wars are run 24/7. All heroes required if you opt in.


    Town hall 11 - BK/AQ Level 40/40+ & working on max war troops; With/Without Eagle

    Town hall 12 - BK/AQ/GW Level 50/50/20 + & working on max war troops;

    War Record: 534-167-11.

    Highest Win Streak: 31.

    Discord Server :
    Th 12 AccountsThe Bhairava>65/65/40||Akhand Bharat>65/65/40||Surgical Strike>18/29/37

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    Iím Mikey from the lvl 13 clan G.A.T.A. (Get After That A$$) #PY2PP9R2
    GATA is a clan full of red blooded Americans (and a few Canadians...) who like to cut up and have fun. Before you stop reading, let me point out why this post is worth the read.

    🛠Weíre insanely active. We average around 6-10 players online, and have a steady supply of max troops and sieges. Of course we max out every clan games, usually with the first 36-48 hours.
    Our TH12 Co-leader Bandit Bandz currently has 27,000+ donations for this season alone. Our clan breakdown is roughly TH8-12 with around 4 TH12 and 6 TH11s.
    🛠Weíre extremely war-focused, with a 62% win rate,. We provide opportunities for both veterans to expand their attack arsenal and noobs to get better in war.
    🛠Weíre essentially a family with many of us hanging out IRL. Our core group has stuck together for a while, and the driving factor for most staying to this clan is how fun and friendly we are as teammates.

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