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Thread: Laboratory Troop Upgrade

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    I have done this alot of times on my many bases from th8 upward. If you have a troop upgrading with say 10 days left, then you upgrade the lab (lets say it takes 7 days), then your troop continues to upgrade. After 7 days when the lab is done, your troop will have 3 days remaining. It might not show it immediately but if you close clash and reopen then the correct timer will appear ie 3 days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manishsingh1234 View Post
    if you upgrade your laboratory while your troop is upgrading your troop upgrading pause
    This is false. Your troop will continue upgrading. It will not finish until the lab finishes, and you may need to restart the game after the lab upgrade is complete.

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    It continues during the upgrade. Once I was upgrading my heals and my lab at the same time. When the upgrade finished my heals were done. You simply cannot start new upgrades

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