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    Request Bug - Clan Castle

    Hello, after having problems several times we have investigated with my clan and discovered a Bug more than embarrassing.

    Indeed, after asking troops I had nothing in my clan castle and even after restarting the phone.

    So I asked for more troops 5 minutes later and my clan gave me back. Yet the old request seems to be registered because I had a castle "full" with two balloons.

    Wanting to check my clan castle, I made attacks and here it comes out (3 attacks) :

    - castle full / 2 ballons between attack
    - castle full / 1 electro drag between attack
    - castle with 1 electro drag

    No troop requests were made between these attacks.

    Has anyone ever had that? I only found this case with 4G for now.

    Quentin (th11)

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    Yes, this happens when either the donor or the receiver are experiencing issues connecting with the Supercell servers. When a player is having connection issues, they can sometimes exit the game before the donation has fully completed leaving this kind of situation. Players can be having connection problems and not even realize it, due to the way the game runs locally and only connects to the server when needed. If you're experiencing it a lot, the problem is most likely on your end. If it happens infrequently, it may be with one of your clanmates who was donating to you.

    For players who regularly have issues donating troops, one way to try to ensure that a donation has fully registered is to do something that requires server interaction that you can verify. One such example would be to visit the war map, check the war log, visit a friend's village, or go into Global Chat. Another thing to remember is not to exit and close out the game immediately after making or receiving a donation - give it time and make sure it went through.

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