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    I finally had enough.

    I have had an issue with one of my Elders. She is a good person and has been in our neighborhood for 2 years. But she has been getting on every single one of my nerves the last few months.
    She never checks the chat, she has on more than one occasion taken a task that someone has called. She has trashed She trashed a WHOLE board of 320 building, visitor, mining, boat tasks and basket tasks because SHE didn't want to do any of those. She NEVER apologizes.
    In the blossom derby she sat on a train task that we had ALL stocked our boards for. 5 separate people asked her when she would be done, she didn't answer. The only time she speaks is when she needs something.
    I opted her boyfriend out of a derby a few weeks back because he hadn't finished a task.... ANY tasks by Wednesday. This wasn't the first time either. So he got angry and left. No loss.

    This morning someone said they would be done with their task in 20 minutes and wanted to take an actress task. He asked if anyone had 3 actresses. I said in chat I had three and let them go for him.
    She came on, took the task, took my actresses and then went silent when the neighbor spoke up. I apologized to the neighbor, said this had been a problem before and demoted her. I said , in the chat that as an Elder she needed to be held to higher standards. That YES everyone makes mistakes but they should own up to them. A simple "I am sorry" goes a LONG way. But nothing is EVER her fault. She has left which just saves me the trouble of booting her out later for doing this AGAIN.
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