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Just a thought. Maybe your opponent doesn't care? I'm finishing my attack regardless. That may mean dropping surgical minions to pick off buildings or watching my Pekkas work around the perimeter finishing off The junk. Win or lose, I built that army and it will get fully used. I couldn't care less whether you or I are on boost. Or for the more troll minded, I know you won. Just out of being a pain in the donkey, I'm now going to save that last unit until the last second.

A second thought. From personal experience. When winning, keep em rolling is the feeling. When losing, losses tend to snowball when back to back quickly. That minute or two can help you take a breath.

Last, its 3.5 minutes max. If not on clock boost, that isnt enough to rebuild my troops and BM. Get past bh6. It's not a big issue.
I'm just throwing out ideas to make builder base more fun. I still enjoy it and already think it's fun.