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    Late skin purchase

    Hello dear clashers, I have a question regarding the hero skins. I have an almost maxxed th12 and have been playing the game for nearly 4 years. Unfortunately, I need to give some breaks because of my job. I have been away for 3 months and just saw the spectacular pekka barbarian king skin. I would like to buy it with my gems or cash but couldnt see any option for this. Is there a possible way to buy them after the season ends? Or any plan to do this? Sorry if it is answered before, but I couldnt find any answer for this. (If it is, mods can close the thread.) Thanks in advance
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    Hi. Yes, this has been answered along with many other questions that may interest you.

    Questions on Season Challenges/Season Bank

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    There is only a single skin out at the moment since it's only the first month. However, if you miss a month, we might not bring that skin back. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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