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Thread: Clash of Clans Netherlands (World Wide News & Events)

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    Clash of Clans Netherlands (World Wide News & Events)


    Who is Clash of Clans Netherlands?

    Clash of Clans Netherlands is a website founded in 2014 as a school project and became one of the most visited Clash of Clans websites in the Netherlands back in 2018 with almost 12k unique visitors that year.

    The Story
    When we I launched Clash of Clans Nederland back in 2014 it was a small Dutch website about Clash of Clans, with lots of you checking out the website and giving awesome feedback for it.

    Anything new in 2019?
    This year I started doing a entire redesign of the Clash of Clans Netherlands website in WordPress based on the official website.

    Since I wanted to keep people up to date about events, actual news shared on the official website and events happening over in the Netherlands or around our small country.

    This week I launched the new website, removed all blog posts and posted new ones also available on the official website, linked up the support so that the thousands of Dutch people mailing me every week could get actual support.

    I also made the decision to only post English content from now on so that everyone of you could get in touch with us, events that happen in and around the Netherlands and just keep up to date about the latests news.

    What's Coming Up?
    A new domain and website server setup are following up very soon as well as linked up services with the official Clash of Clans YouTube and Twitch Channel so that livestreams can be followed right of the website.

    Why This Post?
    I hoped to get one more time some awesome feedback of all of you guys on the website and what you do think about the new design!

    A link will be available at the top of the page.

    Thanks for your time chiefs!
    Clash on!
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