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Thread: Technical improvements are necessary on a builder basis.

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    Technical improvements are necessary on a builder basis.

    When we start attacking BB the defending player uses a strategy that he wins, it is considered a winner only on the percentage because no one can bring in full stars. It is a different matter that if his army is maximum, but no one plays to bring the entire star nor does he have the ability to bring all the stars. The reason for this is some buildings that stand to protect them. It has been observed by many players that they target buildings to increase their percentage. For this reason, the percentage increases.
    What if you reduce some buildings from this game?
    The defense will then be counted in percentage then the defense is able to defend itself. Now let me tell you which building to reduce. The mine and collector should be reduced.
    What will happen if three mines and three collectors are removed from the builder base and a ship is appointed to distribute these resources?
    As the player comes online in the game, he will receive resources by ship. The ship will hold a limited amount of resources that will be distributed from the main base. When the ship in the main village will be fully loaded with resources (the ship has limited storage capacity). When the player BB arrives, the ship's storage is filled with BB storage and the ship's cooling time will be 12 hours. So that we can take resources from that main village too.

    Consider two issues as to why the builder base is being connected to the main village.

    The first is a master builder and the second is a multiple winner at one percent.
    Now the master builder is going to work in our builder base, so resources should be the source to receive.

    Too many percentage winners ...
    Like how the builder base is taking resources from the main village and how BH players have created resources in the main village. Has seen all the similarities in the way BH and main village resources are developed.
    But the builder base also has its problems, if we want to progress then we have to pay separately. The builder base will follow the same path as SC made it in the next update.
    Therefore there is an idea….

    A ship is already available.
    You use that ship, you are able to distribute resources. You have a ship with limited resources.

    This is important in sports.
    I am sure what I said, after knowing the builder base they will be able to stay longer as they will try to maintain the builder base and main village base as a game, they try to make the builder base the main Which you are reliable in any way. In the future, the village base will simply connect the two so that the game can be fun.
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