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Thread: Possible idea to make the derby even more

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    Possible idea to make the derby even more

    Hello all,

    I've actually been playing with the idea for a while, but now I'm really going to share it.
    Every week when the derby starts and you are busy with your tasks then I sometimes think it would be nice if you could do multiple tasks at the same time. How do I mean this? Well actually very simple ....
    Imagine you are busy with a city visitor task or a boat task or, for example, a harvest task, then you sometimes feel that you have to wait unnecessarily long and then it would be nice if you could do another task at the same time for example, you could perfectly combine a harvesting task with a mine task or a help task, for example, you should also be able to create the possibility of doing even more tasks.

    I am curious what your opinion is about this and whether it could actually become possible in the game
    Greetings you fellow farmer here is joshy
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    Great idea, been suggested before, doesn’t seem to be on the cards, but we can hope.

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