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Thread: War clan looking for reliable TH 12s and 11s to bolster winning lineup

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    War clan looking for reliable TH 12s and 11s to bolster winning lineup


    Hi everyone,

    My name is Andy. Please excuse me for being long-winded but I'm excited to invite you to my 5-year-old clan.

    We're looking for a few new players to round out our war lineup and have some fun with us.

    We have a great core of TH12 and 11 players with a long track record of winning. We want to add to that group to deepen our lineup.

    Despite having fewer TH12s than the competition in the most recent Clan War Leagues, we still finished only 3 stars out of 1st in the final standings. We're confident that if we add a couple more good players we'll smoke the league and move up next season. (Currently Masters II.)

    Our all-time classic war record is 377-166 and we've won 7 of our last 8 wars. Lately we have been rolling with 10 & 15-man lineups but we'd like to move on to larger wars after we bring in some new players.

    While we have a lot of good attackers, the main reason we win is because our group has terrific camaraderie. We've hung together for so long as a clan because we're friendly, have fun together and work well as a team. We take war seriously, but we're upbeat and encourage each other. We give and receive constructive feedback- we don't put up with jerks.

    Oh, and we have fun in chat. We're also very generous with donations, so request all the troops you want. Just be ready to return the favor.

    We also emphasize planning and communication to set ourselves up for success. Claiming bases and discussing strategy is a priority. Our winning formula has been to get 2-stars on all opposing TH12s and 3-stars on all TH11s and below. Once that is done, we swing big for 3-stars on TH12s.

    We're looking for Town Hall 12s and 11s who'll fit in with that dynamic. You don't have to be maxed out for your TH but super-rushed bases won't crack our lineup. You might be a superstar attacker, or maybe you're not - as long as you're willing to talk war strategy, tell us what you're comfortable doing, and work within the framework of a team, you're welcome with us.

    If you're a TH12 or 11 looking for a good home, check us out by searching for:

    Request to join! Say you're from the forums and we'll accept you.

    If you have any questions feel free to message me here.

    We're looking forward to bringing you onto the team!

    Here's a bit more about us:

    -Language: English
    -War twice weekly, with one basically every weekend
    -Wars begin between 9 and 10 PM EST (usually)
    -Wars are optional- opt in/out as needed.
    -You won't be kicked for failed attack(s). We just ask that you learn & improve.
    -You will be kicked if you fail to use your attacks.
    -If you have a second account (or a friend!) that's a lower TH you can bring them along to help level them up (although I can't promise a spot in war).
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    Bump bump bump it up

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    Still recruiting for the upcoming cwl and beyond. Looking for hungry players ready to grow! Let's have some fun!

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    Bump! We're looking to add a couple more solid TH12s and TH11s before the upcoming Clan War Leagues.

    If you want to join, please request in-game and say you're from the forums!


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