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Thread: New to coding, where to start?

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    New to coding, where to start?

    So I have a 2 part question. I am new to coding, like just did “hello world” new! So first question, what can I search for on YouTube to help me get started understanding the syntax and what “console” means and all the coding lingo? And I’m already aware of github, clash of clans API and token. What languages are recommended? IDE’s? Etc...

    2nd question... my clan mates and I were wondering if there is a bot that will tell the user WHAT troop was donated so we can find players donating wrong troops? We’ve tried clashperks and donation tracker already.

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    Hi there!

    First off it's awesome that you've started coding; I just do it for fun but I get a huge amount of satisfaction + fun out of it...

    Since I know not a huge amount about other languages, I'm gonna limit this post to talking about python; someone else can go ham about other languages.

    Others may disagree, but since I'm a python dev I think python is probably the easiest language to use, and especially get started. It's super simple to get something going and there is a huge number of resources out there.
    I personally use PyCharm which is a really cool IDE for python (and can handle a huge amount of other stuff), but it's super complex and may be overwhelming for someone new, but I think it's a very valuable tool. There are other options like Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Atom, IntelliJ, a huge number more...

    For Python, there are heaps of youtube channels out there depending on what you're interested in doing - Corey Shafer is a channel I would recommend -

    A console is one of those super hacky things you see in movies like the matrix. Pretty much you will write your "code" in a script, and then you will go to your console, type something to "run" the code, and the console will start sending stuff back to you (if you have print/logging in your script), while running your code. If you have windows, this is command prompt (or powershell), although IDEs like PyCharm often have terminals/consoles integrated into them.

    IF you chose to go with python, there is an API wrapper, (, that makes interaction with the API super easy and means you don't have to worry about making web requests and stuff, instead just calling functions (maybe that means no sense; it just makes life a lot easier).

    As for a donation tracking bot, the Clash API doesn't give nearly ANY information about donations - it only gives a static donation count at any one time. The way bots like clashperks and donation tracker work is by comparing new donation values to old donation values - it's resource intensive, and a real pitfall of the API but it's the only information available. You can, however try and "guess" what someone donated, if that's reasonable, based off the numbers donated. A short answer to that question is no bot that uses the official clash API will be able to tell you that.
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    thank you so much for your response! that is probably the most detailed and longest response i have got since asking random questions on random websites and emailing random people that are associated with coding but i can tell you get excited about coding and that is the way i feel now! i wanna talk about it with everyone, only thing is, i dont know jack about it so i wanna learn! anyway, thanks again, u actually gave me useful information i can use, finally!

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    Thank you, mathsman5132!
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    I second all of the above. I use python on a regular basis. It's free, open source, and it's ubiquitous enough that you can shamelessly plagiarize other people's code from github. I stole some example code to get started, and then stumbled across mathsman's package only after writing and debugging my own stuff. easiest is to look around install a package someone else has already sweated to develop.

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