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Thread: [Recruiting] Trunckanauts rebuild! #PR8URGCG | Looking to rebuild our clan stronger!

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    [Recruiting] Trunckanauts rebuild! #PR8URGCG | Looking to rebuild our clan stronger!

    *** Also looking for merges into us ***

    Hi forumers,

    Four days ago, we were a "full" clan of 45 members, we decided to hit restart on our clan and now we are looking for members to help us with the rebuild. We simply figured that we'd rather have a smaller number of solid, reliable members than a full clan with lots of weak members: We are now accepting members far more selectively.


    Our clan tag: #pr8urcgc

    We've cut down to 11 highly active core members, and are looking for more.

    We are a Lv12, casual clan looking for th9+ (non-rushed), active members. People who want a relaxed environment (outside of wars) and can hit hard in these wars. *Preferably also members who can bring friends with them, that would help with the rebuild.

    What to expect:

    • Fast donations of maxed troops & siege machines, ask away!
    • Serious CWL / wars, guidance from experienced th9/10/11/12 members on war attacks.
    • Relaxd environment without annoying people in clan chat and discord.
    • Other things as well I can't think right now.

    We aren't what we were when we had a full clan, but we build up fast; just this time we want to build up with strong members.

    I have a strong vision for the next few months, if you share that, please feel free to join and help us out!

    Join with a line: From the forums/ Apoc sent me, something like that.

    PM me if you have any questions or querys.

    Kind regards,

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