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Thread: Clan Name Change

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    Clan Name Change

    hello we want to change the name of the clan waiting for help admin
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    Unless it is offensive, you will not receive a name change from in game help and there is no other way to do it. Supercel is aware that many have expressed interest in being able to do so in the game but it is not a high priority for them.
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    What if we paid for the name change, either with gems or real money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaydryden View Post
    What if we paid for the name change, either with gems or real money?
    Darian stated awhile ago that in order for a clan name change to occur, an actual human being has to go in through the back door (coding wise) and manually change it.
    In other words, SC has not implemented the coding changes necessary for clan name changes to be automatic and instantaneous, as they are with individual account names.
    So, with all the people requesting clan name changes, it'd be a full time job just for one person (or possibly more people) just to change clan names.
    This, however, does not mean that SC will never implement the coding changes necessary to allow this, but that, currently, it is most likely not on their "top priority" list.

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