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Thread: Two dudes tryna Derby

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    Two dudes tryna Derby

    My friend and I are both Novice league (heís level 24 Iím level 58) we are looking for a reliable hood, as we both consistently play (mainly at night) and help as needed. We want to leave our current hood today..would we be able to participate in this weeks derby?

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    Hi Fort Sam, you guys are welcomed to join us at Flying Pig's & Honey Bee's! We're small but are kind, always complete derby, an are in champs league! Only a few rules- derby maxed tasks extra optional & must complete all 9 or opt out!!
    We can be quiet at times as we have real lives but when we're online (each day) we do chat!
    Good luck & hope to hear from you soon

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    You are welcome to join our hood, we are looking for active and derby minded players

    Neighborhood tag is : #PURQPUV2

    Looking forward to your response

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    Hey feel free to come on over, we’re rebuilding with helpful, derby-loving, consistent players. Tag #9VQCCQ9U

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    Hi there! Come check out Serious Farming 2. Boat wheel is our logo. Small, friendly and we help others. Iíve been with the group for over five fun years. We are mainly on in the mornings and evenings. You can opt out of the derby if you like. But, we do require 320/400 to tasks only. Come check us out! Happy to have you both!

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