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Thread: I really donít understand the valley clouds

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    I agree, itís a pretty boring place with little imagination and incentive to explore. No serendipitous moment to be had. And due to the ongoing fuel crisis, I also use a similar strategy to Lynnís. If you get on the outskirts of the valley the buildings are farther apart and not only require more fuel to access, but there is greater cloud cover so itís more of a guessing game to find what you need.
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    In some outlying areas the buildings are farther apart but so are the fuel markers. I started exploring because I got bored staying in the same area all the time. Iím pretty much by myself but I donít care.

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    Back to the Valley, Chicken!
    I went on exploration and stops at building along the way to get tokens. Those buildings are not covered back by clouds, litterally divising the cloud to show me the way back to my original place. I'm now at the other end in diagonale of Valley (the rice area).

    As far as I have seen, there are several small groups of building that always have special buildings (required by daily quest). The distance in the Valley cannot be measured by length but by stop (= fuel), very comparable with the initial area.

    The only downside is I'm also a chicken magnet when I explore, they appear around me - 3 so far (around most recent active player after X hours) making it harder for other with collecting chicken on daily quest. Have not seen group quest yet, only 2 trucks (me & me) around and no other within 15 stops.
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    I think the size is there for adaptability from a developers prospective. Hay Day has never officially set a max number of trucks/farmers (that we know of at this time) per each valley game board. Depending on how well the valley is received and played, they can add a higher number of farmers to one board (and increase chicken count ... etc) than only say 12 people per board with less chickens.

    One day there could be a much higher number of players on one valley board, so having more buildings and stops would make it easier to play instead of many active farmers having to wait their turn for tasks on buildings.

    They might even eventually focus some tasks on same of the areas since the map is broken up into 4 areas (wheat, rock, forest, flower). Just ideas... you never know.

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