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Thread: Not for the super competitive or stressed out!

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    Not for the super competitive or stressed out!

    �� Hi! We are Hay Day Friends (Shiny Happy People) #20GRGJJU a small neighbourhood where most of the original members have dropped out. There are only two active members left. We work together, complete all the derbies and help each other on a regular basis - but we don’t set rules about how many tasks we have to complete and we don’t spend our own real money buying cash or diamonds. We’re in the Expert League but with more committed members we can go further.

    We are looking for like-minded people to join us. Regular players, who enjoy the game and intend to stick with it for the long term. We’re based in England but would welcome anyone of any nationality, provided that you can communicate in English.

    Do give us a try - we want to become a real online community again. ������
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    Bumping edited invitation.

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    Pease consider joining our hood. We are an international hood with members from your part of the world. Our only requirement in the derby is to do a minimum of 1000 points with no extra tasks required. Otherwise we ask you to be helpful and polite. We are stress free and drama free.

    Check out Happy cats #9P82RYQU.

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    Bump number two.

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